Facebook wants to know if you like it

Facebook wants to know if you like it


Facebook wants to know if you like it
In a first-ever self examination survey, Facebook will be gauging its users' attitudes towards the site, and how the attitudes evolve over time.

The social media giant has formed its first 'feedback panel', where people will be surveyed for six months to check their level of satisfactions with the site and why they change.

According to Huffington Post, the site will be analyzing how users respond to ads and stories in their News Feed in a bid to learn which ads make its members happiest.
Face book product manager for ads in News FeedFidji Simo said that the site wants to understand how users feel about ads, so that as the company grows its business, it is able to maintainthe right balance betweethe advertizers' needs and the users' experience.

The site will be inviting certain members of its community and the participants will also be asked if they observe variation in the quality and quantity of ads delivered to them, and how they predict their Facebook usage might change in the future.

As Facebookers are the most irritated by ads, according to the ACSI 2013 survey; developer of the feedback panel and a user experience researcher at Facebook, Judd Antin explained that the real purpose of the survey is to connect changes in attitudes over time to the experience which might be driving those changes.

The report said that the first feedback panel will be limited to English-speaking users in the US, though it will include a cross-section of people who are representative of Facebook's US population as a whole.

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