T-Mobile's international plan teased on its own site

T-Mobile's international plan teased on its own site


T-Mobile is taking free data roaming global. It appears that the mobile carrier has teased its forthcoming international plan on its Web site on Wednesday.

"The world is your network at no extra charge," the site reads. "T-Mobile's nationwide data is going global. With coverage in over 100 countries. Coming late October."

The free data global roaming plan appears to only apply to qualifying postpaid Simple Choice Plans and for users with a "capable device." T-Mobile has yet to release any other details.

This Web teaser comes right before T-Mobile's "Uncarrier 3.0" event Wednesday evening in New York City. The mobile carrier has tapped Shakira to perform at the event. And, seeing as she is from Colombia, it's likely she would support such a global plan.

It's been rumored that T-Mobile will make some new announcements at its Uncarrier 3.0 event that could shake up the wireless industry. Maybe this international plan is one of them

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