Google Wallet app now tracks your online buys

Google Wallet app now tracks your online buys

Google Wallet adds new feature to track online purchases.

Google introduced a new feature in its Google Wallet app on Wednesday, to help buyers keep a close eye on their online purchases.

The new tool for recent online orders pulls its information from receipts found in your Gmail accounts.

In addition to viewing receipts from orders placed through a variety of retailers, Google Wallet will soon also track shipments from "primary package carriers," presumably FedEx, UPS, and USPS. Google also goes the extra step to provide email and phone contacts for the merchants you deal with, if you need to follow up on a delivery.

Note that the Recent Orders functionality is not enabled by default -- you'll need to first activate the tool under "Track your orders" in the Google Wallet app. In addition, basic package tracking is also available in the Google Now experience.

Package tracking rolls out to both the Android (v. 4.0+, US only) and iOS (v. 6.0+, US only) versions of Google Wallet this week.

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