Yahoo revamps e-commerce platform with Stores launch

Yahoo revamps e-commerce platform with Stores launch


Yahoo is dabbling with different ideas to try to boost revenue, from mobile to digital publishing to dozens upon dozens of small acquisitions that are supposedly going to add up to something.

The latest development out of Sunnyvale, Calif., is a complete revision of its e-commerce arm.

Enter Yahoo Stores, touted to have the simple goal of enabling anyone to be able to build, launch, and grow a business online.

Amit Kumar, head of Yahoo Small Business, explained via Tumblr  how Yahoo Stores is a culmination of all the iterations before it.

"Yahoo Small Business took the best of everything we've learned from our million+ customers over the past 16 years, and applied it to Yahoo Stores to give small-business owners a more powerful, streamlined and beautiful way to turn their ideas into a business," boasted Kumar.

Along with some new design touches and themes that will be optimized for mobile and desktop channels alike, Yahoo added on a few critical modern-day features as well.

All Yahoo Stores pages will be set up with the same SEO technology as the rest of the empire, including keywords and descriptions, which in theory will not only make Stores more discoverable but also boost some search power for Yahoo.

Furthermore, Yahoo is employing a new payment-processing service that is automatically PCI (payment card industry) compliant.

Finally, bringing it back full circle to Yahoo's mobile-first interests, Stores owners will be able to tap into Live Web Insights for mobile for on-the-go site management and viewing real-time analytics.

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