15 Best Twitter Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

15 Best Twitter Tips And Tricks You Need To Know

Twitter is the world largest and most popular social media site around the world. You can’t find any other site like twitter if you want to promote your site in social networks. Before promote your site in twitter you must need to read this Twitter Tips and Tricks You Need to Know article.

There are many tools in the market to manage twitter account. Using those tools you can manage your follow and followers easily but that tools are not free. You need to spent money to use those tools. Bust here I will teach you the free twitter tips and tricks along with how to manage your twitter followers and following. Do carefully read our given twitter tips and tricks 2016 to optimize your twiiter profile easily. We hope you all will like this new twitter tricks 2016. You can even share this tricks with your friends. We have attached social media sharing button at the bottom of the best. Just click on your favourite social media site and share this wonderful twitter tips and tricks 2016.


Use # Tag:

use # tags

Using # tag you can easily find out your keyword related tweet in twitter. If your keyword is Blogging Tips then just search with #Blogging Tips. Thus you can easily find you’re the tweet you are interested. See above image, we can see only the tweets which are Blogging Tips related.

Make sure you are using # before your keyword when tweet something. Otherwise you can’t reach the targeted peoples. See bellow image for your easy understanding. Use #tag in various positions for every tweet. You can use #tag at starting, middle and ending of tweet. Just change the position of #tag for every tweet.

Use Widget:

You can use twitter widget to get more followers. When someone comes to your blog from other source they can follow you from your blog twitter widget. Besides your blog readers can see the latest update of your twitter activity from there.

use twitter widget

Favorite Related Tweets:

Do you want to get more followers? So, favorite some tweets everyday which are related to your keywords. When the guy see you make favorite his tweet, that means you are same interested people and he will follow back you.

Utilize Advance Search:

Using twitter advance search you can find out specific topic from twitter. You also can find topic from specific locations. Advance Search will help you if you want to promote your business in a specific location. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

advance search twitter

Understanding Twitter Trends:

Trending topics get peoples attention easily. Trending topic means most talking topic from the web. You can see the trends for any locations. Just click on Change from your homepage Trends and write your location. See bellow image for your easy understanding. So tweet on tranding topics.

twitter trending topics

Tweet Length:

Keep your tweet shorter. The shorter the better, this is the tweet theory. Although 140 characters is tweet limit but try to tweet within 100 – 125 characters. Just make your content for tweet, retweet and favorite not only for tweet.

Tweet on Pick Hours:

To get more response you need to tweet on proper time. Research by RadiumOne, there are two peak times at day for tweet 10am to 12pm and 8pm to 10pm. Just try to tweet during this time.

Link Position:

Try to put a link of related topic when tweets something. Keep eye on the link position and keep the link at beginning, middle and end. It’s looks different and people will interest more.

Use Short Link:

As tweeter allow only 140 characters for every tweet and need to use link for every tweet so it’s important to use link shortner to keep your tweet characters. There are many sites to short link you can use the most popular site to short your link. Here is some popular sites you can use:

  • http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url
  • http://is.gd/
  • http://goo.gl/
  • https://bitly.com/

Give Option Others:

You can ask simple question from trending topics. This is a simple way to engage people. Most of people like to advice.

Use Interesting Picture:

A picture worth is more than thousand words. As you used other social sites so you already know the picture worth. Just tweet some interesting pictures.

Manage Follower:

Follower is very important to promote your blog in twitter. The more followers you will have the more traffic you can bring. When someone see you are following 1000 peoples but you have only 10 followers then he will skip you. So, just increase your followers.

How to Manage Follower?

You are following lot’s of peoples but don’t get follow back? No worry, just unfollow them who are not follow back you. Yes this is only way to manage followers. Check out this article to know how you can get free twitter followers easily.

Just go to your twitter page and click on Following. Here you can see those people you are following. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

manage followers

Now you need to find out those who are not Follow back you. Just click on the sign red marked circle. See bellow image for your easy understanding.

A small window will come. Now find Send a Direct Message. Look bellow image, can you see it? No, I can’t see it. That means this guy is not Follow back you! Just Unfollow him immediately.

twitter tips to manage followers

We have got the method how are not following back. Now will find them who are following back? Just the same way, see bellow image here we can see Send a Direct Message option. Yeah we got him who is following back. This guy following you so keep him.


If anyone see you are following 1000 peoples but you have only 100 followers then he will think you are not the right person to follow because a few people is following back you. For this reason you need to manage your twitter following and follower. Applying above method you can easily manage your twitter Following and Follower.

How to Manage Following?

The more people you will follow the more chance to get follow back. Just follow the same interested person if you want to get follow back. If you want to reach the people who are interested on Blogging Tips then simply search with #Blogging Tips. Now you can see a lot of peoples who are talking about Blogging Tips. Now just simply follow them.


You also can manage following from the most popular blog. The people who follow some Blogs, he may have own blog. If you are a blogger and have informative content in your blog you have a great chance to get follow back from them. And when you will share something on twitter they should visit it. Thus you can get lot’s traffic. Here I am going to show you the process. We know that Huffington Post is one of the most popular blog in this planet. If you want to get follower from Huffington Post then simply search with the name Huffington Post. See bellow image for your easy understanding.


Now enter Huffington Post twitter page and click on their followers. See bellow image for your easy understanding. You can see lot’s of people who are following Huffington Post. Simply follow them. Hope many of them will follow back you.


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