What features and changes do you want Apple to focus on with the 2019 iPhones?

What features and changes do you want Apple to focus on with the 2019 iPhones?

When it comes to the 2019 iPhones there are several things on which Apple could focus. Traditionally, Apple almost always focuses on major camera updates. Potential features for 2019 include a response to Google’s popular Night Sight feature, as well as general software enhancements to help the iPhone keep pace with the Pixel devices.

Another possible thing for Apple to focus on is the price of iPhones. One of the most common complaints people have of the latest generation iPhones is that they are getting more and more expensive. Of course, Apple has almost never made a point to focus on lowering prices between each year’s iPhone updates, but it’s possible that could change in 2019 if hardware design stays the same.

Elsewhere, Apple could focus on hardware performance, though one could argue that such improvements are getting harder for the average user to notice in real-world use. Other possible changes include new AR features, software enhancements, design updates, 5G support (though that looks unlikely), Face ID improvements, Apple Pencil support, and more.

Apple going several years with the same general iPhone is certainly not unheard of. Between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 8, overall design changes were minimal between each year’s revision. 

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