7 Social Media and technology trends that are foolish to ignore

7 Social Media and technology trends that are foolish to ignore

Google is going through a radical transformation on how it gathers information and how it delivers results.

Although building spammy links from various sites can still work, it is not advisable and increasingly Google will find and penalize these sites.

There was a British Sitcom called ‘Only Fools and Horses’ and the main character was a very dodgy dealer.  These are the type of people to avoid in the SEO Industry.

It’s very difficult to ignore the fact that more and more of your potential customers use a mobile device to access your services.  But, most companies do not have a mobile site?  Yes, I know.  It makes no sense.

You have 2 main options:

b). Mobile site – This can look a lot different, and generally simpler, than your traditional site.

The technology community goes through trends the same as other industries.  One big trend is ‘Lean Startup’.  This means that they don’t spend a year in a dark room building a product until it’s perfection.

But it’s not good for you.

A lot of products you buy will be paid for on a monthly subscription.

The product company also gets recurring revenue that increases each month providing they can keep growing customers quicker than they lose them.

So you have to be careful of investing in tools for startups that don’t have strong funding.  A lot of them will go out of business.

Recently Hootsuite raised $165 million.  Social Media Management Tools are essential for managing your social media presence.  There are now more social networks with your audience spread across many of them.

You will see more networks but what we’ll get better at, through new social media technology, is building content assets and distributing those assets to the relevant platforms in the right format.

Big companies move slowly and social media moves the speed of lightning.  Big companies have very little innovation.

So we’re seeing a lot of acquisitions going on in this space and we’ll continue to see that.  The biggest acquisitions over the last year was SalesForce buying Buddy Media for $689 million and Oracle buying Vitrue for $300 million.  Not bad eh?

The amount of new social media technology and tools that is being launched is constantly growing.

So you will see companies still using multiple tools, however, there will be an open standard developed over time that will help tools interoperate with each other.

I like the direction that the reporting tool SumAll is taking.  They are going for depth in relation to analytics.  That’s all they do and try to incorporate as many platforms as possible.  Their user interface is not there yet but when they sort this out and complete development it will be a powerful tool

Resources: https://www.razorsocial.com/social-media-technology-trends/

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