StarScope: Take Impressive Professional-Looking Photos With This 4K Monocular Telescope for Smartphone !

StarScope: Take Impressive Professional-Looking Photos With This 4K Monocular Telescope for Smartphone !

This new 4K portable telescope, adapted for smartphones, allows you to take pictures and videos of very distant objects with incredible sharpness.

StarScope is at the cutting edge of miniature optical technology. It can be used for sightseeing and capturing beautiful adventurous moments no matter the distance, thanks to its 10X magnification that makes you see objects far away as if they were close.


Simply put, this telescope for smartphones is capable of reaching a maximum magnification of 10 times with a clarity never seen before. The result is truly amazing!

Usually, a telescope with such impressive zooming capabilities is extremely sensitive and difficult to control, but StarScope has an "anti-shake" system and comes with a miniature tripod specifically made to ensure image stabilization and a better final rendering.

StarScope also has a built-in night vision function that allows you to use it normally at night.

StarScope is pretty much compatible with all the smartphones with a camera.

 StarScope is completely waterproof, dustproof and shockproof! Optical lenses are waterproof and O-rings keep moisture out. They are multicoated just like the most expensive ones on the market to give you super-clear images. The telescope shell itself is made of real, high-quality optical GLASS. Pure quality!

The advantage of a miniature telescope is indeed to be able to transport it everywhere. StarScope weighs around 320 grams (11.25 oz), which makes it really easy to carry it along with you in your jacket or backpack.

 StarScope is undoubtedly the best value monocular telescope for smartphone available right now on the market.

StarScope is a multi-use product. It can be fitted with your smartphone and can click sharp and clear pictures, even better than your DSLR. Just clip it to your phone camera and you are ready to observe closely scenery, wildlife, or sporting events.

It can also be used as a Monocular and you can do birdwatching, watch animals or even your favorite sporting event while in a stadium. If you are on a photography or wildlife trip or a trek, there is no need to carry a bulky telescopic device or huge binoculars. Starscope Monocular gives you military-grade magnification.

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